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Sprouting Mung Beans

March 16, 2016
Sprouted mung beans

Ready in 4 days


Mung beans (ideally organic)

Water (filtered is preffered but not essential)




Day 1: Cover beans in water over night


Day 2: In the morning and in the evening (basically 2x a day) rinse the beans and drain them through collander. Place them back into the bowl out of direct sunlight and draught.


Day 3: Repeat as day 2. You’ll see little tales start coming up. This is where the excitement starts :-).


Day 4: Repeat as day 2. Either this morning or in the evening these little babies will be ready to eat. When they are a length of 4-5 mm you can start harvesting, or at least I do!

I try to pick the green skins, usually quite a few of the bean skins will start floating to the top when you fill bowl with water during your rinsing process, but don’t get hang up about it.


As I’ve said above they are looking ready but if you wish you can let them sprout for one more day. Otherwise consume or rinse and drain and pop into air tight jar. Stores for about a week in the fridge.

Here is a picture from my Tartine with Mung. One of great ways to enjoy these delicious raw sprouts without feeling deprived of taste and great textures.

Mung bean open toast tartine vegan hummus

Look out for more recipes that will include these.

Stay alive!

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