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Hot Chocolate Tonic for Erika

April 5, 2016
Hot chocolate vegan raw

This recipe was developed for my healthy vegan friend Erika. She’s been asking me to make hot chocolate for her recently, and I just wasn’t fully in the flow. Until this morning!

Usually when I have the traditional hot chocolate I feel real comfort kicking in. It brings back memories of childhood, mum boiling milk on the hob while mixing cocoa and sugar paste and then stirring it into the milk, creating luscious beverage served with care and love. This of course has left an imprint onto my food desires when I need that extra TLC.
I wanted to recreate this drink in a way that would not give the sleepy energy dip straight after and not only that I aimed to add some superfood jing to it to keep energy and strength going for longer.
Erika, here is how!
2 tsp dried medicinal mushrooms
3 madjool dates (pitted of course)
2 heaped tsp coconut butter (extra virgin, right?!)
1/3 tsp mix spice (or cinnamon)
1 tsp cacao
1/3 tsp vanilla (paste, powder, bean, essence whatever you can lay your hands on)
pint of hot water

Blend in your blender and enjoy hot in your favourite cup or pour hot into a flask and take it with you to work.

Love you 😘



Hot chocolate vegan raw

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