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All handcrafted by these excited hands with a generous dose of enthusiasm and endless love.
Variety of packaging from fancy boxes to see through party bags to pocket size biscuits.
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My current products rage from hand crafted chocolates and superfood bonbons, designed to awaken your tastebuds and noursih your body and soul.
JITKA raw handcrafted chocolates:
raw chocolates

Wild Orange (made with the purest therapeutic wild orange essential oil)

Rose and Goji

Wild Orange and Cashew

Rose and Cashew/ Roes and Petals

Raw Rose Chocolate Hearts

Peppermint  (made with the purest therapeutic peppermint essential oil, perfect enjoyed after meals)

PEPPERMINT HEART TASTING || After a fantastic meal and beverage experience at London's @Farmacy all we wanted was just s little something to put a delicate accent to the excellent experience we've had. My beautiful friend @manand1221 is tasting my new bonbon –> #peppermint #heart #chocolate. It goes without saying these chocolates are super good for you! They are #raw to preserve all the nutrients and digestive enzymes #vegan #sugarfree #dairyfree #glutenfree #paleo #celiacfriendly #eggfree #nutfree and #fullofflavour. Made with only purest organic ingredients and the purest quality #essentialoil from #doTERRA. When you decide to consume products made with essential oil ensure they are food grade. There is hardly any standardisation of essential oils in U.K. so we need to be more cautious about what we're getting. With DoTERRA you can have peace of mind. 🙏🏻 Have you tried my superfood chocolates yet? Currently they come in peppermint flavour but shhh don't tell anyone that sweet orange is on the list next! #topsecret #dedicatedtoflavoursthatlingeronyourpalate Special thanks to the excellent staff at Farmacy, you rocked the floor and kitchen as usual! 🙏🏻 Are you ready to awaken your senses? #awakenyoursenses . . .

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JITKA bonbons:
 Raw Bonbon Gift Bags
Pineapple & Lime (refreshing citrus and chewy pineapple,  with a hint of bee pollen for the experience of superfood powers of nature; with light background of coconut)
pineapple bon bons
Delicate Ginger (delicately balanced fresh ginger bonbons coated in coconut sugar)
JJ's Ginger Bon Bon
Cranberry & Mango (tangy cranberry flavour with a hint of chewy mango and undertone of coconut; made with 3 different superfood poweders: shatawari, lucuma and baobab)
Cranberry & Mango
Chewy Chocolate (little bars)
Pineapple & Lime (biscuit on the go)