Mung Bean Tartine

March 15, 2016
Mung bean open toast tartine vegan hummus

Have you ever tried sprouted mung beans? No? Let me introduce you….

Once you sprout a seed or bean the nutrient profile multiplies often by 100 or 200%. It’s really an easy way to boost plant based protein, minerals and vitamins in your diet and the extra bonus is that they are inexpensive, therefore perfect for all of you on a low budget. So no excuses to not be healthy!

Once mung beans are sprouted they become living food packed with enzymes. The sprouting process will make them soften up landing them a delicate texture and a taste resembling fresh garden peas without having to wait for spring. Well, I know, spring is round the corner, but you know what I mean….

I will be sharing soon my take of sprouting beans which doesn’t require any special sprouter kits and it’s such a fun thing to do with children as well as adults. Keep tuning in :-).


Prep time 5 minutes



Gluten free sourdough bread slice


Olive oil (extra virgin)

Smoked paprika

Sprouted mung beans

Spread hummus over the bread, add pinch or two of paprika, drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle a few mung beans.

Remember to take your time to enjoy each bite. 😊

Sprouted mung seeds home sprouts vegan protein

Mung bean open toast tartine vegan hummus

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