Raw Pasta Pesto

March 16, 2016
Raw Pasta Pesto


For the Pasta:



No need to peel if organic.  Use spiraliser to make spaghetti (preffered), alternatively or if you don’t have one you could use potato peeler to make tagliatelle style raw pasta.


For the Pesto:

Kale (de-stalked)

Raw walnuts

Clove of garlic

Cashews (soaked for at least 4-6 hours; if you are out of time you can pour hot water over them and let them soften up for about 10 minutes, they should be ready then)

Nutritional yeast flakes (this will make it taste cheesy)

Olive oil (extra virgin always best)

Salt to taste

Blitz all in a food processor or Vitamix as I did and mix in with your veggie pasta shapes.


Buon Appettito!



Vegan pesto ingredients

Raw Vegan Kale Pesto

Raw Vegan Pasta Pesto


Raw Pasta Pesto

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