Royal Pear and Pomegranate

March 15, 2016

This salad is truly fit for all you queens and kings out there, me including :-).

It must be my favourite salad recipe so far. Many salads will leave you feeling deprived of flavours, textures and starving soon after you’ve eaten it. Let me tell you, not this one! This particular salad is filling, rich in protein and boasts with exotic flavours and textures. When I get to cook for the royalty this salad will definitely be on the menu.




1/2 – 1 pomegranate (seeds only)

1 pear

handful of walnuts (pecans work well too)



1-2 tbsp apple cider vinegar (depends on your taste buds, I know some people like it vinegary whilst others not so much. It’s good to start with 1 T and slowly you can add more if you feel like it)

3 tbsp cold pressed organic sunflower oil (you can substitute with extra virgin olive oil)

salt (sea salt or Himalayan are best)



Once you’ve taken out stalks from the kale massage it with all the dressing ingredients. It will reduce in size and really soften up. You will end up with about half the bowl you’ve started with once it’s massaged well. This process will take you about 5 minutes or so.

Take seeds out of your pear and slice it into thin half moons as shown in the picture, it will give the pears texture that beautifully compliments kale and pomegranate.

Place kale in your serving bowl, lay pears around the edges, sprinkle generously with pomegranate seeds and a handful of walnuts and voila! Salad is ready.



I love making delicious raw vegan buritos  with leftovers, try it :-).

Kale after being massaged rich in Protein


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