Lychee and Banana Shake!

May 5, 2016

My favourite m*lkshake of all times!

This is for number of reasons. First of all the incredible combination of exotic refreshing lychees, the creaminess and sweetness of ripe frozen bananas and super rehydrating dynamo of coconut water packed with electrolytes making this a perfect post exercise refreshment. I love having it after I come back from a run, it’s a reward one of the kind :-). So seriously, can you tell who is excited here? You’ve got to try this at home. It’s so easy to make, takes less than a minute and it’s make up of 3 ingredients. It’s also raw and vegan which contributes towards the 2 of your five-a-day intake of fruits and veg and it’s packed with vitamins, minerals, fiber and enzymes.

This is a delicious refreshing and totally satisfying trendy shake full of nutrients and FLAVOUR putting many milkshakes out of limelight! It has the consistency and taste without the pro-inflammatory side effects of sugar and dairy making it perfect if you’re watching your weight. Need I say any more? Now, let’s see what’s in it.



1 frozen banana

1 handful of frozen lychees

1 cup of coconut water

Blend all and enjoy on a hot summers day or anytime you fancy a m*lkshake! I so could’t get enough of this one and I’m sure you will experience the same. Go on make it at home!


Lychee and Banana Shake! with straw

Lychee and Banana Shake! close up

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