Kale Tricolore and Beetroot

March 5, 2016

I’m in love with kale! I really love adding kale to anything from salads to smoothies to soups and sides. It’s such a nutrient rich ingredient especially in terms of protein, yes you’ve heard me, dark green leafy vegetables are a rich source of protein and not to forget precious minerals. I find adding kale really stabilises my blood sugar and keeps me away from snacking in between meals. I’m so glad I’ve discovered it. Now let’s see how I made this delicious salad.

Prep time 5 minutes


Kale (I used green, purple and white kale even if the green one appears to be in hiding)

5 Walnuts

1/2 Small beetroot (raw)

Pear (quality of pear can really make all the difference to this recipe)



1-2 T Organic apple cider vingar (depends on your tastebuds, I know some people like it vinegary whilst others not so much. It’s good to start with 1 T and slowly you can add more if you feel like it)

3T Cold pressed organic sunflower oil

Salt (sea salt or Himalayan are best)



Remove stalks from kale, tear or cut it into smaller pieces. This will make it easy to digest. Place in a bowl together with the dressing and start massaging it, yes you’ve heard right!  For those of you requiring more description on this action imagine kneeding bread or massaging a partner, basically get intimate with your kale :-). Don’t stop until kale softens up , this may take about 4-5 minnutes so don’t rush it, it will be very tasty and way easier to digest than hard raw kale, trust me!

Separately decore and  slice pear into thin wedges. Shave beetroot with potato peeler into thin ribbons. Add these ingredients on top of massaged kale and sprinkle with walnuts (feel free to avoid nuts if you are allergic).


Remember to remove stalks from kale leaves for easier digestion and better taste. You can add them to soups, stews and juices.






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