Creamy Quinoa Porridge

March 15, 2016

I love how some of the most exciting meals come to life when I think I have ‘nothing’ in the fridge. Oh yes, nothing, really?! For some reason it reminds me of standing in front of my packed wardrobe and thinking I have nothing to wear. Sounds familiar?

This morning I was making breakfast for two and I honestly thought to myself: “What am I going to make??”

I open my pantry and see red quinoa next to tin of coconut milk. Suddenly I remember having strawberries in the fridge and a thought of the Goddess Sophie Dahl’s decadent rice pudding flashes in my imagination. I’m gleefully drooling over the ideas forming in my head. I’m beyond excited, the pot goes on the hob, with quinoa, fresh vanilla bean, coconut brown sugar and someone is in their element. Guess who?

“But do we have time?” I hear a voice from the other room. “For cooking?” I ask with an element of surprise in my voice. “But of course, it’s Jitka time!”

What I’m trying to say here is that things really happen by themselvdes when you are in your element. You don’t have to think and analyse or phone a friend. All it takes is following your gut, your heart, your intutiontion….

This beyond delicious, foodgasmic porridge will have you dreaming of your breakfast all day long. I know this because I still get images of it flashing in my head! I’m loving the texture, too. It’s creamy, crunchy, romantically sweet with vanilla caramel and mouthwatering fresh strawberry compote. Heaven is the word of the day, or simply foodgasm.



1  Cup Quinoa (I used red variety for the crunchy twist but any quinoa will work here)

1/2 Tin Coconut milk (it’s good to use a bit of the creamy top form the tin, it makes the porridge decadently creamy)

1 Cup Water

Salt (Himalayan or sea salt always!)

1 T Coconut sugar

1 Vanilla bean

Simmer quinoa in water for 10 minutes, add remaining ingredients and simmer until quinoa softens up and becomes creamy. If using red quinoa it will still have a slight crunch and bite to it. I like that! Serve with warm berry compote and diced fresh strawberries on top. Mmmm…



Chopped strawberries

1 Tsp Coconut butter

1 T Coconut sugar

1/4 Cup Water

Simmer over low heat, mush it up or blitz briefly in a blender, alternatively chop the strawberries into small pieces and after cooking leave the strawberry pieces as a warm chunky compote.

image image image image image image image image

Red Quinoa Porridge

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