Beetroot Blood Orange Bowl

March 5, 2016

Hello! I am so excited to be finally sharing my creative ventures on my website! My first post is dedicated to Madrid and their juicy blood oranges :-).

I travelled to Spain recently and I must say I fell in love with Madrid, the people, the culture and the foooood!! Many people buy souvenirs in the form of hamon and cheese, but the thing I was most excited about was the quality of their fruits and vegetables. Oh my Lord I was in heaven! Eating in or eating out, it just really didn’t matter. I cannot describe my excitement when I got to the market and saw their beautifully laid out produce. It was not all organic but it was presented with such respect and love I felt excitement all over. And yes it was sunny, which did add to my already big smile. Oh  Madrid, how I miss your blood oranges and fresh olive oil and so many other things. Sigh…..

When I arrived home I laid all the produce in a beautiful bowl and then I just had to look at all the ingredients  for a couple of days. I didn’t have the heart to demolish them straight away. I wanted the experience of the beautiful Madrid to linger for a little longer.

I did create the most mouth watering vibrant breakfast bowl that makes me drool whenever I look at these pictures. Oh how I’d love this all over again. Anyone going to Madrid please bring me blood oranges!

So what have I made? I had ginger and date almond m*lk in the fridge that I made a day before, I will post the recipe in the coming days so keep checking if you don’t wanna miss out. I also had a new raw vegan muesli that my vegan friend Erika got for me, thank you!! It was made by the very talented Primrose from Primrose Kitchens. I of course topped it up with a few slices of peeled blood orange from Madrid, drool. The beauty of this cereal is that the more you stir it the brighter pink it gets and the more you want to taste it. This morning bowl is really great for people with low appetite and kids 🙂 and you get 1 of your 5-a-day!

Prep time 5 minutes


Blood Orange (peeled and sliced to desired shapes)

Plant m*lk (I used my home made ginger and date almond m*lk which worked a treat)

Beetroot Muesli (I used store bought made by a very talented Primrose from

*Tip! If you don’t have beetroot muesli you can of course substitute for any other cereal and add beetroot juice to achieve the vibrant pink-orange effect!


blood orange bowl

Watch the colour of milk slowly change from white to light pink to bright vibrant pink.

Plant M*lkMy home made ginger and date almond m*lk. Watch out for the recipe. Out soon.


beetroot and blood orange muesli


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