JJ’s Protein Pancake

April 5, 2016

I absolutely love these pancakes. This is one of the recipes I feel I have really mastered and are the best thing ever if you have visitors and you’d love to offer them something delicious without spending hours in the kitchen. In this recipe I particularly enjoy biting into whole cooked blueberries within the pancakes. So good!

You will see that I have not suggested any sweeteners, it’s because ripe bananas have got enough flavour and natural sugar that I don’t feel any more sweetness is needed.



INGREDIENTS – serves 1 person or a person and  a half 🙂

1 ripe banana (it should have brown dots as a sign of ripeness; otherwise the pancake will be tasteless)

1-2 eggs (depends on the size of your banana and on how hungry you are. 2 eggs for a large banana or 1 egg for a small one)

1 tbsp coconut (dessicated)

handful of blueberries

3-4 walnuts or pecans

optional: dash of cinnamon

For frying if not using non-stick pan use dab of coconut butter. Please beware that if you use other fats/ oils/ butters for frying it will alter the taste.


You have a choice if you’d like the pancakes smooth or chunky. I have tried both and must say that I much prefer the texture and flavour of bananas, but this is a matter of preference. See for yourself. I’ll describe step by step using just fork and bowl.


In a bowl whisk eggs with a fork, and mix in mashed banana. Add the remaining ingredients and mix in with a fork.

Melt coconut butter in a frying pan, with a spoon make small pancakes or one big one. Fry on each side until ingredients seal together and it starts looking like a thick pancake, see the pictures. Oh I’m drooling now….top up with more fresh blueberries and enjoy while hot. You will be in for a treat…mmmm…..










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