“Lokah, samastah, sukhino, bhavantu.”

May all beings everywhere be happy and free.

The definition of yoga is “union” “to unite” with one’s body, one’s mind and one’s spirit and also with one another.

Once the conditioning is peeled off and the materialistic aspects of life are put aside there is a special part of us connected to everyone and everything through all time and space. Yoga reminds me that we are all one regardless of everyday challenges of life. It has been showing me pockets of joy, compassion and connection and it has been a great teacher of unconditional love.

yoga pose

Over more than two decades I have experienced numerous therapeutic benefits of yoga. One of the main reasons why I’ve kept yoga practice an integral part of my life has been it’s therapeutic effects on uplifting my mood and healing my body. More recently I have come to explore its effect on the full spectrum of emotions; study of which has become my passion.

I love how the different aspects of yoga can impact our energy levels, the ability to switch our nervous system off, calm anxiety and guide us through emotions.

Since being a teenager I’ve applied yoga therapeutically time and time again. Anything from managing seasonal depression, mood swings, indigestion to unhealthy relationship with my body, injured lower back, opening that round upper back and shoulders.

To this date yoga has a set of tools for me to access more freedom within the body, overthinking mind and within the dramas of my emotions. I am very passionate to pass on this set of tools onto others!

Big part of yoga is meditation and breath work which have blown my mind in terms of accessing my inner wisdom, intuition and seeing clearly when things get cloudy during times of stress. It’s been instrumental in helping me deal with the troubles of the past conscious and also deep unconscious.

I am an advance yoga teacher (500-RYT) by ISHTA teacher training. ISHTA means Integrated Science of Hatha, Tantra and Ayuverda. I have chosen this style of yoga due to its emphasis on individualised practice. I love how it teaches to take into account different seasons, times of the day, different types of people and conditionings to craft a bespoke class for any occasion.


My yoga and meditation offerings include:

  • yoga & meditation in a workplace
  • 1:1 yoga (option to add reiki)
  • Individualised 1:1 yoga with meditation (option to add reiki)
  • group classes
  • collaborations



Fitness First London Bridge 6.30-7.30pm



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