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    Magic Shroom Latte with Ginger

    May 5, 2016


    4 madjool dates (pitted)

    1 inch or a bit less (depeinding on what you’re into) of ginger root

    • using ginger is optional here but I find that it nicely compliments  medicinal mushrooms ending in a refreshing after taste;  i really recommend using organic ginger  if you can get hold of it, because the flavour is more authentic and its healing properties are increased

    1 heaped tsp raw coconut butter (add it in just before blending after water has cooled down a little so that you get all the delicious healing benefits from the extra virgin fats)

    1/2 tsp cinnamon powder

    1 level tsp medicinal mushroom blend (look it up in your local organic stores/ healthfood shops/ on line – I love using blends that contain cordyceps and reishi)

    1 pint of hot water

    1/4 -1/2 tsp korean ginseng paste


    Place all in your blender on high speed and blend until creamy and frothy like cappucino 😉 mmmmm…..















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