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My true mission is to awaken your taste buds and help you connect to your senses. I am super passionate about empowering  people to heal themselves while having fun along the way!

I’ve qualified as naturopathic nutritional therapist at the College of Naturopathic Medicine in London in 2007 and have been seeing clients for health coaching ever since. In 2016 I have become an intuitive coach through transformational trainings with William Whitecloud and Ryan Pinnick and more recently I’ve been getting into working with energy while studying reiki and through learning more about yoga and tantra. This year  after practicing yoga for over 20 years I am finally training to become a yoga teacher with the wonderful Katrina Repka.

While living with my family I was in love with food, but it wasn’t until I’ve left home and didn’t have access to my mum’s and grandma’s cooking that I fell in love with the art of cooking simply due to searching for flavour and taste.

In the past year I’ve been very creative in the kitchen and have started my brand of JITKA bonbons, chocolates and bars designed to nourish body on the go and help balance those sugar cravings. I am excited to have come across the highest standard of food grade essential oils by doTERRA. I have been successfully using them in my raw desserts and am super impressed with the results.

I am delighted you are stopping by to check this place out. Do get in touch if you feel moved to I would love to hear from you.


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Photography Marek Rajchert

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