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My name is Jitka. I hope you enjoy browsing through these pages as much as I LOVE sharing them with you.


I guess my whole journey started with food. The love of it, the addiction to it, deepening my knowledge on it, opening wider to my passion for it and subsequent healing and thriving on it.

I just love being around fresh local ingredients and surrendering to intuitive cooking. Reflecting back I find it hard to believe  that I could barely cook when I was 20. Lots has changed since. I never thought I had it in me. But when I left home my tastebuds would not compromise on flavour. So I set out on a wild, crazy journey with spices, herbs, scents and textures. I was brought up surrounded with people who were natural at creating magic out of pretty much nothing and years later I let my intuition to take me into the world of my own imagination. Place where flavours and textures dance to the rhythm of chopping, grating, peeling, baking and sizzling, a symphony that feeds my ears and caresses my soul.

In case you can’t guess already I LOVE spending time in the kitchen. It brings me to some of my favourite childhood memories which I will expand on within my blog for the purposes of keeping this relatively short.

I love getting excited about my ingredients and even more so making stuff up as I go along. Does it always turn up amazing? Hell no!! But this doesn’t stop me from playing more. The food is insanely delicious most of the time. And I get passionate showing my friends and clients how to create something out of nothing, how simple it is to create delicious bite to eat, how to balance flavours and what one can do when running out of key ingredients. Life is about play and so is cooking and food prepping. If it isn’t fun you won’t sustain it.

When it comes to food and nourishment my intuition is unstoppable. It guides me so lovingly and joyfully drawing inspiration from my Eastern European background, emphasising home cooking and blending it lovingly with my training as a nutritional therapist. I set the intention of what is important for me right now. I frequently ask myself: am I seeking energy, or balanced blood sugar, do I need support on the go, or do I simply want a little nibble that will still be nourishing whilst making my tastebuds sing.


In my sessions you often find me passionately combining any of the following as and when guided by intuition:


  • intuitive cooking
  • intuitive life coaching
  • nutritional therapy
  • yoga and meditation (500-RYT)
  • reiki healing, teaching and attunement
  • working with emotions 




For my journey with yoga and reiki browse through the relevant tabs.



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